This Is One Bus You Don’t Want to Miss!


If you are attending the very important PLUM hearing regarding Tuna Canyon Detention Station on Tuesday, don’t forget to wear RED! This request to wear red was made by a Japanese-American member of the Tuna Canyon Historical Designation Coalition. The color red is considered good luck by the Japanese and wearing it will show unity among our group.

Of course, I don’t own anything red, so I spent some time at the thrift shop behind Ralphs today, and I think I hit a goldmine of all things Red. That place is teeming with items in all shades of red, so if you’re redless, you’ll need to look no further than Sun Thrift!
The bus that is transporting us to the hearing is starting to fill up! If you want to reserve a seat, the best way to do that is to send an email to with your name and the number of seats that you would like. The bus begins boarding at 12:45pm on Tuesday at North Valley City Hall (7747 Foothill, Tujunga). The bus will depart right around 1pm.
And this just in! Haru Kuromiya, the woman who’s father was incarcerated at TCDS and is featured in this video, will be joining us on the bus for the ride to City Hall! Wow!
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