This Is An Action Alert!


On Tuesday, the LA City Council will take up a motion by Councilman Alarcon that calls for beginning the application process to designate the La Tuna Detention Center a Historic Cultural Monument. Due to Councilman Englander‘s recent misunderstanding of the motion, the City Council Planning & Land Use Management Committee split their vote and were unable to make any recommendation on this proposal.

We think the good folks of the Foothills Communities understand the motion very well, and are able and willing to make a recommendation to the full LA City Council. 

Below is a list of the City Council members that need to hear from you, and they need to hear from you by Monday evening.! Simply write something like…  “We support and urge you to vote to approve Councilman Alarcon’s motion to prepare an application to include the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Site in the City’s list of Historic-Cultural Monuments”.

That’s all you have to do. 

Here is the list of Councilmembers that need to hear from you;

Also include;


—–Original Message—–
From: Gerald Gubatan []
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 4:42 PM
To: Gerald Gubatan
10:00 AM – Los Angeles City Council Agenda

Dear Friends:

Item No. 7 on next Tuesday’s City Council Agenda is a communication from the
Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee related to a Motion
sponsored by Council Member Richard Alarcon to nominate the former Tuna
Detention Station site as a City Historic-Cultural Monument.  Attached is a
copy of the Council Agenda.

Community stakeholders are invited to attend the Council meeting at L.A.
City Hall and provide testimony.  You are invited to disseminate information
on the upcoming Council meeting on this matter.

Please contact our office at 213.473.7007 for more details.

Gerald G. Gubatan
Chief Planning Deputy
Office of Council Member Richard Alarcón Council District 7 City Hall, Room
470 Los Angeles, CA  90012

Tel: 213.473.7007  Fax: 213.847.0707

12-1625 – Motion Required
CD 7
prepare an application to include the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Site in the City’s  list of
Historic-Cultural Monuments.
SUBMITS WITHOUT RECOMMENDATION the following recommendations of Motion (Alarcón  –
Garcetti):TUESDAY 2-12-13 PAGE 7
1. INSTRUCT the Cultural Affairs Department to prepare the application relative to the inclusion of
the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Site in the list of Historical-Cultural Monuments and to
submit the application to the Cultural Heritage Commission for review and consideration.
2. DIRECT the Cultural Heritage Commission, after reviewing the application, to submit a report to
the City Council regarding the inclusion of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Site in the City’s
list of Historic-Cultural Monuments.
Fiscal Impact Statement:  Neither the City Administrative Officer nor the Chief Legislative Analyst
has completed a financial analysis on this report.
Community Impact Statement:  Yes
For Proposal:  Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council

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