STA Meets With Councilman Alarcon


LUC Chair Tomi Bowling, STA Co-Founder Abby Diamond, and CD7 Planning Deputy Gerald Gubatan discuss the K-Mart site during a tour last month.

Members of the STA met with Councilman Alarcon and his Planning Deputy, Gerald Gubatan, this afternoon to discuss the K-Mart site and other issues of concern in the community.  The almost hour long meeting was part  history of the Home Depot fight and mostly a look forward at the possibilities for the location. We greatly appreciated Mr. Alarcon’s ideas and suggestions and were impressed with his familiarity with the history of the Home Depot battle. We are encouraging the councilman to tour the site so that he can see the significance of the location, and the potential for this property! Additionally, we conveyed the importance of the Council Office being the clearinghouse for all information regarding the site.

We also discussed an upcoming vote at LA City Council regarding a ban on the sale of puppies at pet stores. We conveyed the desire of many in the community who had asked us to request that Mr. Alarcon support the ban. And then, a really neat thing happened. Mr. Alarcon picked up the phone and called his animal expert to get the latest updates on the motion and to let him know we would be contacting him. By the time we left the meeting, I had a voicemail from that gentleman with a breakdown on the motion, it’s current status, and an offer to call his cell for more info. That was pretty impressive!


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  1. The old K-mart is a perfect spot for a Target.

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