STA, STNC Meet With Our New Planning Deputy, Gerald Gubatan


Abby Diamond and Tomi Bowling discuss the K-Mart site and the Home Depot battle with Gerald Gubatan.

This morning, members of the STA and the STNC met with our new Planning Deputy, Gerald Gubatan. Mr. Gubatan serves as Councilman Alarcon’s Chief Planning Deputy. We met over breakfast at the Agave Restaurant at Angeles National Golf Course and sat outside so we could show Mr.Gubatan that million dollar view of the Angeles National Forrest. Meeting with Mr.Gubatan, was Cindy Cleghorn, and Tomi Bowling from the STNC, Dean Sherer from the Land Use Committee, and Joe Barrett and Abby Diamond from the STA.

This was basically a get-to-know-us meeting and we mostly discussed the history of the area with a particular focus on the Home Depot battle and the future possibilities for the K-Mart site. Mr. Gubatan was very engaging and personable and took notes throughout the almost 2 hour meeting.

After breakfast, we all drove over to the K-Mart site and took a little tour there as well. We’ll have more to share later!

Update; After our meeting this morning, Tomi & Abby took Gerald on an extensive tour of Sunland-Tujunga. McGroarty, Bolton Hall, the old Coffee Stop, the soccer field, VHGC, the I-Hop shopping center, and many more points of interest were visited and discussed.

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