What If They Built A Soccer Field and No One Came?

To be an Indoor Soccer Field, you need 4 walls and a roof.


And, you should probably be in a dense urban area where soccer fields are hard to find.


Or this is what may happen to to your business.

Many of you may remember this soccer field, on TCB, that received approval by City Planning in spite of not having adequate parking, restroom facilities, or even any structural evaluation.

The idea of the business owner was to bring the indoor version of soccer, that is popular in dense urban areas of Europe, to the foothills of Tujunga. There was, of course, at least two problems with this idea. First, this was an outdoor soccer field built on a wood deck, and, this was Tujunga, not a dense urban area in the least. In fact, we enjoy more open space than anywhere else in the City of Los Angeles, (and aim to keep it that way).

The STA and the STNC went round & round with the owner and City Planning over this project, trying to improve it so that it would not be a burden on the area for the lack of parking and bathrooms, and also because of what appeared to be sub standard construction on the soccer field deck. We also wanted to help the owner make this a business that would be inviting, and meet the needs of the possible clientele who would patronize this facility.

In the end, the business owner and City Planning ignored us and the city planner even cited the failure of the Specific Plan to address a business of this type, (there’s that damn Specific Plan again, woefully outdated and doing little to protect our community).

During the time this business was open, we don’t recall ever seeing the field utilized by soccer playing customers, not one single time. Now, we can watch the weeds grow, the paint fade, and the soccer field slowly crumble and become an eyesore in our neighborhood.

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  1. This article is well-written. How about making the next one a positive article about what people have created in Sunland-Tujunga.That could spark ideas about what to build next.

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