Tujunga Wash Clean Out to Occur on May 24th

Heavy Equipment arrives for Tujunga Wash Clean Out in 2011

-On Thursday(5/24) of next week, beginning at 8am, the 2nd clean-out of the Tujunga Wash will take place. LAPD, General Services Police, DWP, LA Family Housing, LA County Health, People in Progress, and numerous other agencies will work the area between Mt. Gleason to Oro Vista. There will be services offered to the homeless who camp in the wash, including possible alternative housing, assistance for Vets, and drug/alcohol addiction treatment,  and the camps will be removed. If you would like to volunteer and help with the effort, please feel free to contact me at joebarrett@gmx.com .This clean out is being coordinated by Senior Lead Officer Rich Wall and Councilman Krekorian and his staff. At the last clean out we were able to get several people help with alternative housing, and the hope is that even more will accept the services being offered this time around.

-Speaking of alternative housing, Stephanie Klasky -Gramer, the director of LA Family Housing Services, will be speaking  Monday, May 21 at the Land Use Committee meeting at 7pm at North Valley City Hall. We expect to hear updates on the Day Street Project and maybe even more!

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