It’s All About the Mountain Lions…

There is a very informative presentation this Tuesday evening (at 6pm) at North Valley City Hall. Robin Parks, an investigator from the Mountain Lion Foundation will present a 1.5 hr training session on mountain lions. This training is primarily geared toward law enforcement personnel who are so often the first responders to a cougar incident. Cougar biology and behavior will be covered, but his presentation mostly addresses the myths & misconceptions, and the politics & passion that so often surround these animals. Also addressed are general safety do’s & don’ts, aggressive vs non-aggressive lion behavior, shoot/don’t shoot decision factors, and some very interesting and thought provoking facts and statistics about “America’s lion”. Although the briefing is geared towards law enforcement and first responders, the meeting is open to the public and you are invited to attend.
Mr. Parks will be traveling up from San Diego to present this briefing. The STA and the STNC are sponsoring the event. Then, on the following Monday, May 14th, Zara McDonald the director of the Felidae Conservation Fund will be coming to North Valley City Hall to present “Living With Mountain Lions”. This will be another information packed presentation from a leading authority on mountain lions.
The recent killing of the mountain lion in Sunland has certainly caught the attention of both of these high profile groups (The Mountain Lion Foundation, and The Felidae Conservation Fund), and we strongly urge you to attend both of these presentations if you are able. The presentation on May 14th is sponsored by the STNC, the STA, the Foothills Trails District Neighborhood Council, the Lake View Terrace Improvement Association, and Teranga Ranch!

In other news; In the next couple of weeks, representatives from several City agencies that deal with the homeless, will begin to visit the Tujunga Wash to make contact with the numerous camps that have sprung up since the last Wash Clean-Out in May of 2010. They will be making services available to the homeless in the goal of relocating them into appropriate housing. Then near the end of the month, the LAPD along with General Services Police, People in Progress, DWP, and others including staff from Councilman Krekorians’s office, and members of the STA, will work to remove the camps and mounds of accumulated trash. The Tujunga Wash Clean-Out will hopefully be done on a regular basis going forward.  Senior Lead Officer Rich Wall along with Jackie Keene from CD2are coordinating this much needed effort and we hope you will thank them for their work on this problem the next time you see them.

Posted 4 minutes ago by Joe B.
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