The VHGC Needs Our Help! Like, Right Now!

Don't let the golf course....

become this..

There is a way to Save the the Golf Course! It’s called the Verdugo Hills Storm Water Project.

If approved, the Verdugo Hills Storm Water Project could provide funds to buy the Verdugo Hills Golf Course and its surrounding property. It would maintain the golf course as a public recreational facility, and implement methods to capture, cleanse and store storm water, provide flood protection, increase water conservation, enhance habitat protection, and preserve open space.
How can I help?
Email Paul Krekorian and Richard Alarcon.  Emails can be brief.  You just need to let them know you want to see the storm water project move ahead with Prop O funding and the VHGC preserved.  A few samples:
  • Verdugo Hills Golf Course is a good fit for Prop O funding.  The storm water plan would clean storm water and protect our ocean.  Plus we can’t afford to keep losing recreation.  Please do what you can to help move this along.
  • I like what I’ve read about Prop O and the storm water project.  In L.A. we need to make the most of every rain drop.  But we need your help to make this happen.
  • We want to save the golf course and Prop O offers a great way to do it.  Please support the Verdugo Hills Storm Water Project.  It’s good for the environment and the golf course.
  • We need to get Prop O funding.  We want to save the golf course AND improve storm water capture.   This is important to me and to my family, but we need your help.  Thank you!

Where do I send my email?

What happens if we don’t save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course?
A developer plans to build 229 houses on the property.  That means hundreds of additional cars & trucks using Tujunga Canyon Blvd., La Tuna Canyon Road, Honolulu Avenue, and the 210 Freeway.  Plus the loss of recreation, open space, wildlife, and watershed protection.
If you’d like to know more about the storm water project and efforts to save the VHGC, visit:

Tell your friends and neighbors about the Verdugo Hills Storm Water Project and how it could help the VHGC.

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