Fresh & Easy Grand Opening Debrief

An Opening Day to Remember.

Fresh & Easy’s Grand Opening sales & attendance yesterday far exceeded the stores expectations according to Ray Ortiz, the store manager. We (Cindy Cleghorn & I) paid a visit to the store earlier this morning to meet with Ray and get a status report.

According to Ray;

Wednesday’s Grand Opening came within $100 of breaking the all time record for Southern California F&E opening day bakery sales.

The peak attendance occurred between 6 to 8 pm Wednesday night. The line of customers waiting to check out extended south to the back wall of the store, west to the far wall, and north back towards the store entrance.

Store employees distributed water bottles to customers waiting in line.

The average amount of money spent per customer was $29.00, which is high according to Ray.

90% of the employees hired at this F&E live less than a mile from the store.

2 other Fresh & Easy stores opened yesterday in SoCal and did not do as well as the Tujunga store.

Opening day sales and attendance is usually a good indicator of the long term prospects for the store. Ray was very pleased with yesterday’s Grand Opening.

Ray also explained that he actually received phone calls from the community yesterday praising the level of service and the quality of store items.
A lot of the callers just said,”We’re so glad you are here”, according to Ray.

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  1. Linda Casteel

     /  Thursday, March 22, 2012

    It’s heartening to see the great response to the opening of F&E!
    Anyway, it’s great to see the store in our neighborhood!
    Kudos to everyone who worked hard to get them here!
    Joe, I thought F&E opened on Wednesday, not Monday…

  2. Oops, typo! Thanks Linda, I fixed it! Joe

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