Goodbye Old Bonner’s Building…


The old Bonner’s building at 6477 Foothill is about to face the wrecking ball. Permits have been pulled to demolish every structure on the property. Local neighbors will be pleased, as the site has been operating as an illegal auto repair facility in recent years. Due to the efforts by the STNC, several California regulatory agencies, and (believe it or not), the LA Dept of  Building & Safety, the illegal auto shops were shut down and now comes the wrecking ball. No word on what will be going in at this location, but we’ll keep our hopes up.

Months ago, local blogger Terre Ashmore walked away from her Brock Bajer blog while she dealt with some personal challenges.  Her blog has sat silent for some time, but that may be about to change. Terre began her blog as a big critic of the STA and our efforts to improve the Specific Plan, but, over time,  she began to see that “The Sky is Falling Gang” was yanking her chain and just using her to promote their fear-mongering. We look forward to her renewed efforts at writing about this wonderful community.

We want to say goodbye to an old friend. After 7 years of loyal and devoted service, the website is no more. Home Depot was stopped from invading our community in early 2009, and we left the web site up as a historical record and reference source for all to view since that time. The site continued to have numerous visits even up until today. Our #1 visitor over the last 3 years? The Home Depot Corporation themselves. Maybe we were being utilized in some sort of training class for Home Depot real estate directors? Who knows. The site got our community national and even international attention, and was integral to our defeat of this Goliath who thought they could just have their way with Sunland-Tujunga.
Goodbye old friend, thanks for the memories!

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