Hello Council District 7

Is it just me, or does our new district sorta look like Bart Simpson with a broken nose?

The Los Angeles Redistricting Commission has released it’s final report and recommendations. Here’s an excerpt from page 20 of the report concerning the Foothills Communities;

The Foothill communities of the Northeast San Fernando Valley
A final difficult regional issue of the Commission was where to place the Foothill
communities of Sunland, Tujunga, Shadow Hills, and Lake View Terrace. Under the current Council District boundaries, this region of the City had been in District 2 for the last ten years as a result of the creation of District 6 in 2002, in order to meet the requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act due to a historical pattern of racially
polarized voting in the previous ten years. During the pre-draft map public hearings, residents of the Foothill communities expressed their desire to remain whole in District 2 or District 7, and wanted to include the entire community of Lake View Terrace which had been split under the current boundaries.

When the initial Draft Map was released on January 25, the Commission split the Foothill communities along the I-210 Freeway in order to keep Lake View Terrace, Sunland and Tujunga whole in District 7, as well as keep Shadow Hills and Sun Valley whole in District 6. This split along the natural boundary of the I-210 Freeway was unacceptable to most of the residents within the Foothill communities, and mistakenly did not recognize the split to Lake View Terrace.

As a result, the public testimony during the pre-final map public hearings centered around keeping all four of these communities whole within one Council District. Most of the testimony did not state a preference as to which District, just that the community be kept intact due to rural nature of this part of the City, truly an anomaly within the urban and suburban expanses of the City of Los Angeles.
With adjustments to be made at the February 15 Commission meeting, five Commissioners proposed adjustments to make the Foothill communities whole in District 7, the most out of any area in the City. The final decision by the Commission, reflecting the above adjustment, is in conformance with Section 204(d) of the Los Angeles City Charter and in keeping with the policy decision to keep at least two-thirds of the Neighborhood Councils whole and to minimize splits between Council Districts to the extent possible. The current configuration of District 7 keeps the Foothill Trails Neighborhood Council and the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council whole and together within one Council District.


Now, the map goes to the full Los Angeles City Council where we expect a few minor changes may be made, but barring something completely unforeseen, we’ll be in CD7 for the next 10 years (and that could be a very good thing. More on that later).

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