Action Alert!

Stephanie Klasky-Gamer Needs Our Help!

Monday night’s Land Use Committee Meeting had as it’s highlight a presentation by Stephanie Klasky-Gamer of LA Family Housing. LAFH has acquired a vacant lot at 7650 Day Street that they intend to build much needed housing for the homeless and those with mental health issues. The 47 studio apartments will house single adults, many from the Sunland-Tujunga area.  Stephanie and her architect (Ali?) were there to present their renderings (I was impressed with the design of the building and their use of solar energy).
There’s just one problem with the Day Street Apartments. LAFH has come up short in funding for this project to the tune of $1.7 million, and Stephanie is asking for our help. Evidently, LA County has funds that are known as MHSA funds. MHSA stands for Mental Health Services Act , and the money can be used to help construct a facility like the Day Street Apartments. Stephanie is asking that we all send a quick note to Supervisor Michael Antonovich and ask that he allow these MHSA funds to be used for the Day Street Apartments in Tujunga. Let him know that there is no facility like this in our area, and that as a local resident of S-T, you support the building of these apartments.

You can mail a note to Supervisor Antonovich at:
Michael D. Antonovich
L.A. County Supervisor
District 5
500 W. Temple St.
Rm 869
Los Angeles, CA 90012
or by email at:

There are also Housing funds (not MHSA funds) available through the City of Los Angeles and Stephanie is asking that we send a request to Councilman Krekorian on behalf of the Day Street Apartments and LA Family Housing for funds to support this project.

Councilman Krekorian can be reached at:
Paul Krekorian
LA City Councilmember
District 2
7747 Foothill Blvd
Tujunga, CA 91042
or by email at:

Locally, LA Family Housing has been involved in finding and providing housing for many of the homeless in Sunland-Tujunga for some time. They participated in Councilman Krekorian’s Homeless Connect Day earlier this year at North Valley City Hall. At that event, they were able to provide 12 individuals shelter and set them on the road to more permanent housing. LAFH also helped in a big way back in May of this year when Officer Martinez coordinated the clean out of the Tujunga Wash. They are a wonderful organization, and they are fully aware of the exploding homeless problem in Sunland-Tujunga. Please take a moment to send a brief note of support to Supervisor Antonovich and Councilman Krekorian.

Elsewhere, The FBCSP Workshops Committee will meet Tuesday night to begin planning workshop #2, “What happens when the FBCSP doesn’t work?”.  This workshop will feature case studies of SP failures and talks from Building & Safety Inspectors, City Planners,  and members of the STNC, LUC, and STA.

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