Samoa Ave Project Gets a Higher Profile

Signs have begun to appear around Sunland-Tujunga calling attention to the controversial Samoa Avenue Project. The developer could receive $13 million in City Funds on Tuesday if Councilman Krekorian does not step in to stop it. The community is stunned that this project is receiving funds when the developer has yet to submit a complete application, or address the Historical Resource Impact of having Bolton Hall just up the street, just to name 2 of the many concerns!

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  1. Dear Councilmember Krekorian:

    Please vote against the Samoa Ave. Project to add high density apartments to Tujunga. As a teacher at Verdugo Hills High School for the past 14 years, I have seen Tujunga go from a quiet, community to one that is losing its small town feel. It would be a shame for Tujunga to become a playgrouond for rich real estate developers who flout laws and destroy communitites for their own financial gain.

    Thank you,

    Lisa Karahalios
    Social Studies Teacher
    Verdugo Hills High School

  2. The above comment is a copy of a letter I sent to Krekorian. Good Luck!

  3. Tujunga lost it’s small town feel a long time ago. I think this is a good thing. My opinion anyway. I live in La Crescenta though so I guess I’m not in a position to say much.

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