STNC Land Use Committee Re-Cap

An important announcement regarding improving the Foothill Blvd Corridor Specific Plan was made at Monday night’s LUC meeting! LUC chair Tomi Bowling announced that a work group is to be formed that will organize and coordinate a series of workshop style meetings that will take place on a monthly basis through next summer 2012. The purpose of these meetings is to inform and hold discussions with the public on the history, flaws, failings and strengths of the Specific Plan and to begin exploring the changes that would safely improve the SP. This working group will develop and plan the theme for each meeting (example: History), invite speakers and coordinate presentations. Councilman Krekorian has determined that there are no funds available in this fiscal year to deal with the SP, so the STNC/LUC now has until around June 2012 to host these workshops. This is very good news and we are excited about the workshops and working with everyone in the community on improving our SP! We’re moving forward people!

The new tenants at 7937 Foothill Blvd attended Monday night’s LUC meeting. This is the old Coffee Stop location that is working to reopen as a Mediterranean food restaurant. The three young gentlemen spoke for some time to the committee and laid out their plans for this site. All I have to say is that these guys are ambitious! The plans as I understand them are: Initially open as a food service establishment and then develop as a “nightlife” destination. They said their occupancy capacity will be 80 people. They intend to be open until midnight on weeknights and until 1:00 am on weekends, 7 days per week. They will have a live DJ on several nights and will be catering to the over 18 crowd. Eventually, they want to install a small dance floor in the outside patio area. Also, they are considering having live bands at some point. They may expand the patio area at some point and may also seek a beer & wine license. They intend to keep the name of the place as “The Code Blue”, even though they were urged by several to change the name. They were also informed that they can not be doing construction work later than 7pm (they were unaware of this law, but explained that they all have day jobs and they are doing the work themselves). The LUC and the audience appreciated them attending the meeting and the baklava they brought as a gift was delicious!

Say it Ain’t So Recycling Center at 6737 Foothill!
This disappointment of a business has been ordered CLOSED by the City until it comes into compliance with Planning directives. In fact, this business has received 2 notices to shut their doors and is now operating illegally! The City will be going back to the business and issuing a final order to close and will be assessing huge fines against the business for failing to comply.

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  1. Be very cautious with that business at the old Coffee Stop that wants to open a nightclub with a D.J. This is undoubtably going to be create a noise problem for neighbors on the streets behind the business. I have neighbors who have hired D.J.s for their evening parties and they are extremely loud and play that techno-rap until 1 or 2 a.m.

    Having a nightclub on Foothill Boulevard in our quiet community is going to attract a rowdy young crowd – that same people who go to raves.

    My opinion is that LUC should be extremely cautious about allowing this use.

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