What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This is a photo of the former Coffee Stop at 7937 Foothill Blvd. This photo was taken Wednesday night at around 8:15 pm. The new tenants of this site are converting this location into a restaurant, which is a great improvement to the site and a welcome addition to the community. If you recall, the STA, with support from the STNC , LUC and Councilman Krekorian fought and won in stopping an industrial propane refueling station from opening here last year.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

The new tenants have yet to apply for or be granted a single permit that allows them to perform this construction work. The tenants have not yet applied for a change of use permit (the last legal use was as a gas station). The tenants are also performing construction at night, which is a big no-no!

We welcome this type of business to the community, but they need to do it right and not “build first, and beg forgiveness later”. Complaints have been filed by the STA and Councilman Krekorian’s staff is aware of the situation. We are following this one closely!

UPDATE: The tenant has now pulled a permit for some electrical work, and Councilman Krekorian’s staff has notified us that plans have now been submitted to plan check. The STNC is not yet in possession of a copy of those plans. We are still waiting on an evaluation of other permits that may be required.

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  1. Make an example of them. Fine them, everyday they break the law. The City is broke. They could make a fortune on Foothill Blvd alone if they fined every business that did not follow correct protocol.

  2. Anonymous

     /  Friday, September 16, 2011

    This is why we never have high end businesses in our neighborhood. People with cameras, sneaking around, taking pictures, and turning people in.

  3. 6:21am: Your statement is beyond ridiculous. As an example: Fresh and Easy will be moving in to Tujunga. They have not touched their site. Why? Because they have properly applied for permits and waiting until it is legal to start work.

    High end businesses follow the rules. Many businesses follow the rules. Those that don’t follow the rules usually get caught by our ever diligent and concerned neighbors.

    When a business has nothing to hide, it follows proper protocol. High end businesses usually follow proper protocol so it is the exact opposite of your statement.

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