Say It Ain’t So Recycling Center @ 6737 Foothill!

The new recycling center at 6737 Foothill Blvd opened today even though it is not in compliance with conditions set forth by the North Valley Area Planning Commission(NVAPC) after an Appeal was filed by the Sunland-Tujunga Alliance (STA). The NVAPC has determined that the recycling center hours of operation are restricted to Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. The sign on the recycling center states that they are open until 6pm each day. The recycling center submitted a traffic circulation plan to the Department of Transportation (DOT) but conveniently failed to inform DOT that there is also a U-Haul business on the site, along with a Propane tank. DOT paid a visit to the location after meeting with the STA and they want the recycling containers moved back from the sidewalk as they intrude too far into the driveway apron. This means that the business is not in compliance with DOT at this time. The business is supposed to have a fence that would prevent unauthorized access to the site. Instead, the business has erected a 4′ high wood fence that anyone can climb over. The front facade of the site and the landscaping is also not in compliance with the NVAPC requirements.

What is most disturbing about this site not adhering to the restrictions,layout, landscaping, etc.,that they are required to follow, is that the STA spent a significant amount of time working with the property owner to come to an agreement on the conditions of the site. We even had the NVAPC postpone our initial hearing that was scheduled, in order to give more time for Abby Diamond and Dean Sherer to work with the owner to find reasonable solutions to the problems that were presented by this type of business.

Complaints with LA City Planning  have now been filed, and Councilman Krekorian’s office is aware of the situation and is said to be working on the problem. We’ll stay on this one for sure!

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