STA Action Alert re: VHGC

It was announced at Monday night’s LUC meeting that Councilman Krekorian is seeking funding to purchase the Verdugo Hills Golf Course through Prop O funds that may be available. The VHGC would be improved as a groundwater recharge facility while retaining the recreational use as a golf course.
There is a meeting this Wednesday before the Prop O Oversight Committee where Councilman Krekorian will make his case for the funds.

We need to supply the Councilman with letters of support and we need to have the letters to him by the end of today (Tuesday).

Address your comments to:
Prop O Oversight Committee
Send email to:

Here are some bullet points to put in your emails:

*Thank you to Councilman Krekorian for this opportunity to possibly secure Prop O funds for the Verdugo Hills Golf Course.

*The VHGC is ideal for this type of project because it is essentially open space and recreational land use located in the upper area of the Los Angeles River Watershed where the water flows from the San Gabriel and Verdugo Mountains.

*The water from this area feeds the Verdugo Wash (Reach 2), a tributary of the Los Angeles River.

*This is the one of the least urban portions of the Los Angeles River Watershed.

*This project at this location will revitalize and increase the health of the Los Angeles River and its eventual discharge into the Pacific Ocean.

Okay, Let’s get busy!

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