City Council Invests $250k in McGroarty Arts Center

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LOS ANGELES – Councilmember Paul Krekorian on Tuesday introduced a motion that allows the city to invest $250,000 of non-General Fund money in McGroarty Arts Center, the largest such investment ever made by the city to the Tujunga-based cultural landmark. Housed in a 90-year-old building, McGroarty serves 7,000 people each year. But its aging infrastructure has led to power outages and a host of problems that have disrupted activities and annually cost the city thousands of dollars to fix.
“Los Angeles is one of the world’s great artistic destinations, yet we have let one of our city’s most treasured art centers fall into disrepair,” Councilmember Paul Krekorian said. “Now, with this infusion of $250,000 – money that does not come from the General Fund –McGroarty Arts Center will be able to fix its electrical problems, keep the heat on this winter and ensure a safe environment for its guests. Instead of tapping its own depleted budget to fix a broken fire alarm, they can teach another child to paint. Valuable resources that had been used to fix failing plumbing will ensure a potter’s wheel will continue to turn. This action sends a powerful message that as we contemplate a leaner Los Angeles, we will preserve our city’s natural place as a visionary, artistic leader.”
Claire Knowlton, executive director of McGroarty Arts Center, praised Tuesday’s action.
“We are so incredibly grateful for this support, not only for the essential investment in our City’s arts infrastructure, but for the attention this will bring to the Center. McGroarty Arts Center is a cultural oasis that belongs to every Angeleno and I’m so thankful that these new funds will allow it to flourish for years to come.”
The motion was introduced Tuesday and is scheduled for a vote in front of the City Council next week.
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