Krekorian’s DONE Workshop Well Attended

(This post comes  from our friends at the Village to Village blog)

September 19, 2010 by Paul Hatfield

It’s not every event that attracts over a hundred participants to attend on a beautiful Sunday with NFL games in ample supply, but that’s just want happened today at the Braude Center in Van Nuys.

My compliments to Council Member Krekorian for hosting and producing a successful community dialog about the future of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

The consensus of the public input could be summed up as follows:  pull the Neighborhood Council funding program away from DONE, change the role of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners and make what remains of DONE more accountable.

The most comprehensive of the public remarks came from Jill Banks Barad, the founder and President of the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC).

Jill, along with other VANC members, outlined a regional commission concept that would be responsible for the management of the councils.  BONC would be limited to a policy-making role.

Adrienne O’Neill of the Harbor Area Coalition rolled out her funding plan.  I commented about the importance of allowing checking accounts for the councils.

FOX 11 News was there and interviewed several of us; I do not know when the segment will be aired, but be sure to check the station’s website throughout the week.

The breakout sessions were Q&As between a moderator and board members.  Almost every conceivable issue was covered regarding both the current performance and future of DONE.

I will wait for a report from Krekorian’s office before commenting on the feedback (it was a round robin format, so I do not know all of what was discussed – I’d rather cover it in the aggregate rather than offer piecemeal input right now).

More at a later date.

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