Krekorian Agrees- Protect Open Space!

PLUM splits vote on Lopez Canyon Appeal filed by Community Alliance for Open Space;
Paul Krekorian supports Appeal.
Jose Huizar opposes Appeal.
(Reyes was absent).

This means that there will be no recommendation to the full City Council from PLUM! This was a significant victory for us as it means the City Council will have to resolve this without guidance from the Planning and Land Use Committee when it takes up the issue on June 30th.

We were particularly impressed with Paul Krekorian’s analysis of the issue and why he was voting to support the Appeal. If the truck driving academy is allowed to proceed on land designated as Open Space, then Open Space throughout the City can potentially be used for other purposes than what an Open Space designation allows.

Paul Krekorian encouraged finding a win-win situation for both sides,
“Everyone agrees that this truck driving school is a great idea, but this is not the location for it”.

The Community Alliance for Open Space is now challenged with convincing the rest of the full City Council to follow Paul Krekorian’s lead and help the Truck Driving School find an alternative location.

Thank you Paul Krekorian!!!

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  1. Marlene Rader

     /  Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Yes, Councilman Krekoria displayed ture keadership and clearly up stands the damage that can would happy by aloowing this Zone Variance to proceed.
    Thank you for your leadership and support

  2. Bravo, Paul!

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