Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser a Big Success!

It was a beautiful day in Kagel Canyon! Dexter Park Community Center is a wonderful historic building and a great place to gather with friends. It’s very peaceful under the oaks in Dexter Park. If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend it.

Many folks from around the foothills found their way through the canyon to have some fun, visit with friends, and contribute to a worthy cause.

The proceeds from today will be used to help pay legal fees for our appeal of a Zone Variance to allow a truck driving academy at the closed Lopez Canyon Landfill. The landfill is now zoned Open Space, and is under remediation for about the next 15 years. It should continue to be considered Open Space, and not be used for an industrial use such as a truck drivers school. We also believe that the environmental impacts from this use have not been fully evaluated.

Please see our earlier post for more information about this issue. There are many ways you can help out – write a letter, attend the North Valley Area Planning Commission Appeal Hearing on April 15 in Van Nuys, or contribute through the PayPal link on the STA homepage.

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