New Use For Abandoned Car

Well, seeing how this car has sat abandoned on Tujunga Canyon for months and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I guess we may as well get some use out of it! And no, we don’t know who the creative person is behind the signs, but we think it’s pretty funny and it makes a good statement.



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  1. Audrey P

     /  Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Thanks for the explanation. I drove that way today and did
    not understand the” Leaving Tujunga” sign, Because I returned by a different route I had missed the “Welcome to Tujunga” sign. I agree that it is a great use and thank the person who did the signs. The car has been there so long that I am surprised the Taggers have not defaced it or that it has not been dismantled before now.

    I was so glad when the lot was cleared of all of the weeds.
    The person on the mower was good to be able to clear the weeds right up next to the vehicle. A carelessly tossed
    cigarette would easily have started a big fire.


  2. This morning ( June 24th ) there was a parking enforcement officer by the car. I went home for lunch around 1:00 p.m. and the “welcome to Tujunga” car was gone.

  3. Today (June 26) I see the car is gone! The sign did it! And some nudging from STA. Thank you!

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