Angeles National Golf Club Update

There has been some action on the 280 acres of open space that the community has been working to have transferred to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. Here is an update from Tomi Lyn Bowling, chairman of the STNC Land Use Committee:

Angeles National Golf Course Update

Mountains Recreation
Conservation Authority
Passes Motion

The motion before the MRCA today was:

“Consideration of resolution authorizing all actions necessary to accept approximately 260 (*editor note, its 280 acres)-acre Big Tujunga Wash open space dedication including entering into agreements with the Angeles National Golf Club to fund maintenance and required environmental mitigation measures and acceptance of funding for all said purposes.”

After several motions like this at several earlier meetings this motion was at last passed.  One more crucial step on the road to complete dedication of this 280 acre parcel.

There are some details to work out still but all are hopeful that the negotiations will be complete soon and that both parties will be satisfied with the terms.

Concurrently Los Angeles Police Department in coordination with Council District Two staff and Matt Bennett of Angeles National Golf Course with his crew of roughly eight maintenance staff, plowed through the land in question in the Tujunga Wash today cleaning up everything in sight.  The trash bin at Oro Vista was full!  The project to clean up this part of the Tujunga Wash started late last week with the Los Angeles Homeless Authority visiting transients and offering them shelter and various kinds of aid.  The Homeless Authority visited again on Monday making their offers again and finally LAPD issued verbal and written warnings to alert the trespassing residents that the area would be vacated and cleared and so it was.

Update from Joe Barrett:

The LAPD, in cooperation with CD2 and the ANGC did a sweep through the wash earlier today. Besides a general clean-up, it appears that several homeless camps are now vacant as well. I took a walk through the area this afternoon and 2 camps that I am familiar with are now abandoned. See the pictures below.

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  1. I must say I have very mixed feelings about this. I often wander out there as the sun is going down and stay past dark, enjoying the sound of the creek and nature. I feel like my sanity is being taken away.

    I also worry about the one homeless resident who has called that area home for over 30 years. They have “placed” her before and she always comes back. I don’t feel she is of the mental capacity to understand what is happening.

    The homeless population of this area has exploded in the last year. One would think that if these folks had other options, they would have used them. I really have to question the quality and level of the “services” offered.

  2. Creekhiker, I am very concerned about Margret as well. She is a difficult case and I’m not sure how this is going to work for her. I do know that she seems to be deteriorating fast and I can’t see how continuing to sleep on open ground night after night can be beneficial to her well being. I was at her camp today and it appears that it was cleaned up a bit by the LAPD/CD2/ANGC team. Her camp has always been the most disorderly. This is a dear sweet woman that needs help. I am just not sure what is going to work. -Joe

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