Update from Joe 4/15/09

Breaking News!

Sex Offenders Have Been Removed From Oro Vista House!

Well that was fast. We received a message from Nina Royal that she spoke with the State Parole Officer in charge of these men and he told her they were being removed from the house immediately. Additionally, he stated that the home would not be rented out again to house sex offenders.

I drove by the house around 4:30 pm and it is indeed empty (see photos). All of the blinds have been raised as if to show the neighborhood that these guys are gone.

A witness told me that she had watched an RV being loaded up earlier today.

Nice work everyone! We’ll try to get more details on how this all came to pass so quickly. My initial thought is that the large turnout at Chapel of the Hills Church and the subsequent TV coverage had a lot to do with the swift eviction of these dangerous criminals.

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  1. WOO HOO!
    Forget about “Don’t mess with Texas”.


    I had a reporter from KTLA hunt me down for an interview.
    When I called him, he said he saw us on CBS & KCAL9 and wanted more info.
    I told him the great news and said he would pass it along and see if they can get someone out.

    Wonderful job to all that showed there support.
    It shows again what a united community can accomplish.

  2. See “Breaking News” in The Foothills Paper website. Thank you everyone.

  3. This is truly good news. Now, what about the house full of sex offenders on Owens Street in 7 Hills? Though this house is not illegally close to schools the men walk around the neighborhood and there are three schools in close proximity to that location.

  4. Belinda Woodruff

     /  Thursday, April 16, 2009

    What better result could we have asked for—a speedy and peaceful resolution to a untolerable situation brought about through community solidarity.

  5. Robert Rouge`

     /  Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Every Business and Homeowner needs to be appreciative of STA and all of the dedicated people who are giving back to their community, no matter what magnitude, little or small, you are all Heroes.

    I am deeply envious of STA, and disappointed that we in Arleta have been unsuccessful of forming a local alliance.

    Robert Rouge`

  6. Robin,
    We are being told by Nina that the Owens street predators are long gone. The Megan’s Law website has not been updated to reflect that yet.

  7. STA: Thanks for the update and thank you for all you do. Sunland Tujunga is a better place because you are here!

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