Update from Abby 4/12/09

abgarWe Love Our Oak Trees!

As part of the effort to Save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, we will be reviewing the Draft EIR. The property owners did a tree evaluation for the Environmental Review process, and we feel it is necessary to do our own survey of the Oak population for comparison.

This past Saturday, Joe Barrett, Gary Knowlton and I cataloged, measured, evaluated, noted, and photographed the Oaks in one section of the grounds.

You might know Gary, he’s our local professional Certified Arborist, who specializes in Oaks and is highly qualified for the job, with over 33 years of experience in the field. He knows these particular trees well; he used to be the tree-caretaker for the prior owners of the Golf Course.

The area we studied was a significant, established native Oak woodland. The majority of the trees we surveyed were in very good condition. There were numerous trees with a trunk circumference of greater than 20 inches, and several trees having trunks as large as 30 inches circumference. The area was abundant with life – critters, ferns, and plenty of poison oak!

There’s a lot more to do, but we made a good start.  We had fun, too!

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  1. I actually saw you guys on Saturday measuring the trees.
    I was driving up La Tuna Canyon and saw 3 people looking
    up at an Oak. I recognized Abby and now it all makes sense.
    Good Job!

  2. Anonymous

     /  Monday, May 4, 2009

    What do we do about the irresponsible homeowners aka “keepers” of the Oak trees who do not trim or shape them?

    My neighbors haven’t shaped or thinned out the branches in years. The tree is suffering as it’s “thatched” (for lack of a better term). Who can educate them and force them to trim their tree which overhangs the property line and loses branches with each windstorm as the thatch doesn’t allow the air to flow through?

    The tree is so messy they refuse to park their cars in front of their own home (as the tree covers 1/2 the street) and they insist on parking in front of all the other houses in the neighborhood due to the mess of their mighty messy oak.

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