Update from Tomi 3/19

We need to alert the community to the impending dedication of 260 acres of open and protected space, adjacent to Angeles National Golf Course and the rules that will be set into motion regarding the Tujunga Wash from Oro Vista at the east end to Foothill Blvd at the west end and spanning both hill ranges on the south and north (the north includes about half way up the hillside by the Conover fire road). It becomes, essentially, a park, a natural habitat, when the dedication is completed. The golf course were required to donate this land to an official preservation body as part of the requirements to obtain their final permits for the clubhouse (clubhouse is nearly complete).

A Chief Ranger, from the MRCA (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority) came out for a walk in the wash today. Matt Bennett from Angeles National Golf Course was there for part of the trip and Angela Motta was there for most of it. The purpose was to see how much land there is to maintain and what kind of man power would be needed, what services, to bring it up to a maintenance program and how many man hours per week to patrol it and keep the area preserved. MRCA have much experience in management and preservation of open space as they are the ranger force that handles all land dedicated to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. They also have an excellent repute and program for cleaning out the encampments.

There are a few things that he felt you should all be aware of if the MRCA takes this on.

1. Intervention & assistance as needed by the LA Homeless Authority.

2. Its an “all or nothing” kind of deal when it comes to recreational use that is public and enforced. Its open from sun up to sundown.

3. No smoking.

4. No fires. Use of fireworks, guns or anything like it is strictly prohibited.

5. No motor vehicles of any kind. Equestrian is fine, walkers, hikers, bicycles are fine.

6. Dogs must be leashed.

7. No BMX trails (his name). That means no building up of mounds of dirt so that bicycles can ride & jump them (they do this now at the far east side by the 4 McMansions).

8. No littering. Its a park.

9. No dumping of any kind.

10. No overnight camping.

11. No removal of any vegetation or stones, dirt, or animals, its a preserve & natural habitat. Community clean up in the area is strongly advised against because there are so many active encampments. He said we do not want community members out there picking up trash until an initial sweep of the area is done as it is currently very dangerous and hazardous due to the nature of uses out there right now. One needle prick of someone and it can turn into a nightmare.

He also explained that they are NOT the police. 911 emergencies are not for the park rangers, that is still a 911 call. The community at large needs to understand that along with the dedication comes rules. The community is invited to comment or voice their concerns about any of the above or others issues concerning this issue to the STNC by fax 951-7412 or email BusinessRep@STNC.org or in person at the next STNC meeting, April 8th.

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