Update from Tomi 3/17/09

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy – Angeles National Golf Course – Land Dedication- Resurrection

On Monday, March16,  a handful of Sunland-Tujunga citizens, representing various groups and interests, drove way out of their own territory up to a meeting of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy with the Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority. The meeting was held in Thousand Oaks.

What would prompt such travel by these locals?

The possible dedication of 260 acres of protected land in the Tujunga Wash that was being considered by SMMC and then was summarily removed from the agenda but was brought back for one last go around.

The community members included Nina Royal, Elaine Brown, Ricky Grubb from the STNC,  Abby Diamond, Joe Barrett of Sunland-Tujunga Alliance, Tomi Lyn Bowling as the Land Use Committee Chair and a mountain of letters from others that could not attend but spoke their words of support.

The community members were only given short notice of the very far off meeting so the troopers had little time to prepare. But prepare they did! They came armed with power points, drawings, photographs and words of wisdom. The MRCA has taken the matter under reconsideration and a representative from their Ranger Corp is meeting with ANGC, Tomi Bowling and Mr Dale Thrush tomorrow or Thursday afternoon to walk the wash and work out an estimated cost to care for this land. Mr. Thrush was not at the meeting but has spoken to the LUC chair extensively regarding this issue and has been given the communities understanding and reasoning behind wanting the MRCA to accept this dedication over the city of LA doing so.

In short the city lacks resources and is already stretched too thin to maintain the park areas they currently have. This is by far not over. Please keep sending your letters of support and recommendations to the city Planner (who is considering whether or not the golf course has complied with the list of 72 conditions) David.Weintraub@lacity.org and dale.thrush@lacity.org and edelman@smmc.ca.gov

Stay tuned for the next few events this week!

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  1. Thank you for this update!


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