Update from Abby 3/11/09

logoWe have a little news about the Kmart Site!

On Monday, March 8, a few community leaders were invited by CD2 to attend a small meeting with developers representing the Los Angeles Mission College. The rumors are true; the College is scouting for a location and is interested in opening a satellite campus here in S-T. They are very interested in the Kmart property and would include an anchor retail development along with the college. There is bond money available from Measure J (from last years election) to purchase and develop new sites for the Community College District, but they would have to include other uses. That’s where the questions come in – what anchor would be willing or able to combine resources with the college.

Basically, they wanted to hear what the community has to say, and wanted to know what type of development we would support. It was refreshing; they were very good listeners and they seem like they would be good neighbors. Community leaders who attended were Joe Barrett, STA Chairman, Dan McManus, President STNC, Tomi Lyn Bowling, Chair/STNC Land Use Committee, Cindy Cleghorn, Secretary, STNC, and yours truly, moi.

No decisions were made, and there is nothing going on other than discussion about our hopes and dreams.

What about Target?

The College District has been in discussion with the Target folks and we can only hope Target will decide to share the site. We understand that Target is “crunching the numbers” to see if it would be viable for them to come in here – but at this point, they have indicated they would want the entire site, as their format calls for 10 acres or more.  NOTHING is ruled out, but at the same time, there is really NOTHING to report as far as any decisions.

Where do we go from here?

You can be assured, we’ll keep you posted as soon as any solid information comes along. There will definately be Town Hall meetings for input from the community at large as this moves along. Stay tuned!

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  1. This is SUCH exciting news. I have taught community education classes at Mission for several years. There are so many wonderful people there.

    The college has been expanding and so there are no class rooms available to the community ed program during the week and very few available on the weekend.

    I know many malls have “community rooms” available to non profits but we have none that close to Mission.

    This would be wonderful if Mission had some access to the property for classes. Not only to bring more community ed programs back to LAMC but think of all the students that would be bringing into the community.

  2. Does this mean that if Mission College “takes” this site and Target needs 10 acres or more, that we will lose our hopes of having a general merchandise store we so desparately NEED?!

    Why can’t Mission College use the Security Pacific Bank building and leave the K-Mart site for general merchandise? Isn’t there enough room there? I thought they were interested in that site before the K-Mart site became available.

  3. Laurel Klick

     /  Thursday, March 12, 2009

    How about a park, with a community recreation center, oak trees, and picnic area.

  4. Paula,

    Mission College does not intend to “take” the site (if you mean eminent domain). They are looking for a retailer to partner with on the location. If Target wants the whole site, then talks will try to work out a compromise. Perhaps Target would change it’s mind and share the site. Also, Target has not committed to anything yet, nor has Mission College. It’s all just discussion of possibilities. -Joe

  5. How about a community center with a small 150 seat Theatre space, a flexible community assembly/performance/sports space for 300 people and 25″ x 30″ classrooms for Community College classses, community meeting and rehearsal space. Then design a small greenspace with minimal playground equipment and some small retail shop spaces for coffee shops, bookstore, sandwich shops, Jamba Juice etc.. surrounding it all?

    This could be used for multiple youth, adult educational and creative art uses, which would bring great benefit to the community. I envision it a notch above the LVT Community Center with out the fixed gym- but rather a more flexible space.

    Mission College could sign a long term lease the space it needs.
    The retailers would need to pay monthly fees to cover maintenance and 24hr security for the greenbelt, common and community spaces.

    Any Feedback?

  6. Tim B. you have some great ideas, but this site is written in the Specific Plan to be a “vibrant shopping center” where our general merchandise store will be. A few small satelite classes would be great, but our desparately needed general merchandise store must go there too! This is the only site that is large enough for a general merchandise store such as Target. This is what we have been fighting so hard for the last four years. Fighting the wrong businesses and encouaging the right businesses.

  7. Just out of curiousity, who is the current owner of the former k-mart site?

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