Update from Abby 3/5/09

Voter Alert! Did you have trouble finding your polling place?

Did you have trouble finding your polling place on Tuesday? Did you know your usual polling location was changed for this election?

There was no official notice given to those people whose polling place was changed. Mine included. We are hearing from people about trouble they had finding their polling place because the polling places weren’t signed and visible, as well.

Did you decide not to vote because your polling place was hard to find? Or maybe you didn’t even know it was changed and you showed up to your usual location? These situations could mean the difference for those close calls in some of the races.

The one race we are watching closely is the School Board seat for our district. Louis Pugliese is only 481 votes short of a tie with the other candidate. With that kind of close call, every vote counts! Well, every vote counts anyway, but if you had trouble voting, it could make a big difference.

If you had a bad polling place experience, please send an email to Louis and let him know – his email is lpugliese@earthlink.net

Thanks for your participation in the democratic process!

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  1. Don’t they always put the address on the back of the sample ballot? I would think that is an “official notice.”

  2. Cindy

     /  Friday, March 6, 2009

    Some folks were redirected to a different polling place than their sample ballot. And, some folks did not receive a sample ballot. Hope to hear more from anyone who had any trouble, concern, difficulty or just plain info. Thank you!

  3. I’m not sure if it’s legal or not to divulge such information but at the New Hope Community Church on Oro Vista we had a few such cases. That turned into a number of provisional ballots; I’d say five or so but I forget. Plus, yes there has been a lot of speculation as to why sample ballots were not received by many, and it has been around the blogosphere such as my go-to blog LAist. There just isn’t enough communication between the precinct workers and the city clerk’s election division office to sort out how one finalizes his/her registered voting address. I believe it ultimately has something to do with DMV’s registered addresses and as we all know that’s a state agency.

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