Update from Tomi 1/27/09

STNC Land Use Committee Update

The Land Use Committee held a meeting specifically for the Angeles
National Golf Course the evening of Monday Jan 26th.

Our guests of honor, the State Department of Fish and Game, notified us late in the afternoon that they would not be able to make it.

The Land Use Committee went ahead and held the meeting anyway; many questions were asked regarding specific conditions that are listed as requirements for the Golf Club to follow, which have not been met, partially been met, or there is some concern regarding the conditions status.

The long story shortened.

In order to fully answer all of the questions and resolve all of the issues regarding some of these conditions, a meeting with Dept of Fish & Game AND the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, as well as the City Council office and Angeles National Golf Course is necessary. One question inevitably leads to another, so a question for one agency, may actually be mitigated by another.

Here is a fictitious example:

Department of Sidewalks requires installation of a sidewalk that is ten feet wide all around the perimeter of a new park. Department of Waterways will not allow a ten foot sidewalk within twenty feet of a body of water and there is a lake at the edge of the perimeter making it three feet from the proposed sidewalk. Department of Parks is trying to comply with the requirement from Department of Sidewalks and meets with them, but cannot resolve the issue without someone from the Department of Waterways so they can work out a solution.

It’s complicated.

And it gets more complicated trying to get all the right people in one place at the same time.

However, everyone who did attend Monday’s LUC meeting participated in a well organized and intelligent meeting.

A meeting new date has been set!

With swift planning and cooperation, a new meeting schedule has already been worked out. Everyone has confirmed for the first week in February, and will meet at the Golf Club. Representatives from ANGC, CD2, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and the Dept. of Fish & Game will attend. Also, Larry Martinez, our Senior lead officer from LAPD, has been asked to join the group.

Got Questions? Contact Tomi

If members of the general public would like to attend, please contact Tomi Lyn Bowling at 353-9143, or email her at tomi@tomirealty.com

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