Update from Abby 1/19/09

bumperstickercaThere it goes! Yesterday’s Big Community Celebration Party was a huge success. My favorite theme for the day was that it is OKAY to wear orange again. You can see lots of photos at our other website. www.no2homedepot.com.  There was a great turn-out despite the police activity that closed off Foothill and the helicopter flying overhead didn’t disturb our sound. Presentations and speeches were part of the festivities and the Bluegrass Billionaires provided great tunes, as usual.

Phil Tabbi, Jim Moore and crew fired up the BBQ for Hot Dogs & Hamburgers. Our baking angels contributed homemade salads and Arnie’s Cafe provided some delicious pastas, salads and fish tacos.

Many thanks to all who contributed to make the party at McGroarty Arts Center such a great success! Our shuttle service was much appreciated and many extended their compliments to Mike Jones, our safe and courteous driver!

The question has been asked, “How did you manage to beat the Home Depot?” Well, the bottom line is that the community came together because we wanted to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. We spent the time to educate ourselves, stuck to the facts, didn’t resort to below-the-belt tactics, and we relied on truth and reason. We also had the support of our Councilmember, Wendy Greuel, whose conviction and integrity throughout the long 4 year process was paramount.

Okay, the economy helped the perfect storm that contributed to Home Depot’s decision, I agree. But even with the bad economy, our town is ready to shop locally! Some smart developer will see the potential here, and hopefully, get busy talking to us and see what we’d like at the former Kmart site. Sunland-Tujunga is open for business!

Stay tuned, we’ll keep posting as things develop. Pun intended!

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  1. I just wanted to say that all of you are heros to me.

    I was so devastated when Home Depot wanted to move into that sight because we just bought a big beautifull new home only about 5 blocks from the store.

    My family had been stressed out for the past years because we knew that this would be a disaster and wreck our quality of life for the next 20-30 years..

    I know you guys did way more to contribute to stopping them. I wrote many many letters, attended most of the meetings.

    We fought a tough battle and won! this is amazing. I was at the celebration and it was so exciting to be there.. It just goes to show that care about our community.

    The No2homedepot campaign should be very proud.. My family is just so happy about how this turned out. Thanks again.

  2. Alex,
    Thanks! You have always been very supportive and have
    encouraged us! It was great seeing you on Sunday!

  3. I unfortunately got home late from my snow adventure of taking some some local youth camping in our beloved mountains, and missed the party. I was with you in spirit though. One benefit of this amazing journey was that the community came together and we all got to meet our neighbors. This has always been a special community and now it is even more so. Hopefully this carries forward to even more positive outcomes!


  4. Hey, who’s that cute kid?

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