Update from Abby 12/31/08

A New Year Alreadyseedling_hands

We’ve had so much excitement this past year, I hardly know where to begin. I’ll state the obvious, to start. We’re changing the look of our website here. It’s now a Blog. We’ve added some “tabs” you can click on and see updates for specific topics. You’ll see at the top there, we have NHDC or VHGC. We’re fond of shortening titles, you probably know what these stand for – but just in case – NHDC is the No Home Depot Campaign and VHGC is the Verdugo Hills Golf Course. These are the 2 main causes the STA has been working on for the past several years, as you already know if you have been around S-T for a while.

We’ve also added a tab for Neighborhood stuff. When you click there, you’ll find interesting tidbits about things in the Neighborhood – events, happenings, fundraisers, other causes, maybe even some gossip. You can send us tips or simply post a comment.

We’re looking forward to next year. May the year be filled with hope, prosperity, joy and peace!

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  1. Love the changes/updates to the site everyone !!!

    This is definately a community online site I will recommend to my friends and co workers about town to encourage anyone too to keep up with those major developments affecting Sunland Tujunga.

    Same best wishes for all the STA for health and happiness in the New Year.

    Hip Hip Hooray for the STA !


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