Update from Abby 7/16/08

Here We Go Again …

The community is being asked to jump thru the Dispute Resolution Program hoop of Dialogue and Mediation, again. It’s really annoying. By now, everyone who attended or contributed to the Dialogue Day back in April, has received a letter from the office of Avis Ridley-Thomas. Said letter is full of holes.

In her letter she is requesting that we, the community, provide her with names of groups who should represent the community for the next round of discussion. At least she acknowledged our group and the S-T Neighborhood Council.

Suggested in her short list of “groups” she includes “Residents of Sunland-Tujunga who have expressed support for Home Depot should also be represented.” HUH? I didn’t know there was a Group, as in organized group, of residents who support Home Depot. Let’s tell it like it is; describing a few scattered employees of Home Depot as a group is total bias and obvious influence by Home Depot and their lawyers. Isn’t the DRP supposed to be neutral? Sure, there may be a few in town who think a Home Depot is a good idea, but there are not many, and certainly not an organized group. And I’m not the only one to take offense at this statement, the phone is ringing and the emails are pouring in!

More Questions

Another questionable point in said letter is the statement, “A majority of participants expressed a preference for the Dispute Resolution Program to continue to convene the dialogues.” That statement needs to be backed up with facts. Personally, I don’t believe it. I only know of a few who answered yes to that question on the evaluation form we filled out at the end of the day on April 26. Let’s see a chart, a list, an analysis, an evaluation of those forms! None has been provided.

Where is the transparency here? Avis said she would be evaluating the materials collected from the Day of Dialogue, and if she has written any summary, it hasn’t been made public. Wendy’s office tells us they haven’t received anything either.

Remember the day Joe and I went downtown to view the Dialogue File? (You can read about the warm welcome we received there towards the end of my July 5 post). The file included the participant’s evaluation forms and evaluation forms filled out by the faciliators, with answers to the question about whether people wanted to continue the dialogue process. But because the file was so large, we requested a full copy of the file, rather than sitting there and taking notes. And guess what? We’re still waiting for it!! So far, not a word from the DRP office in response to emails and phone calls asking when it will be ready. We were told about 2 weeks, and that was on June 30.

Do you think we’ll get our copy of the file before the short July 21 deadline imposed by the DRP for the community response to their letter?

Didn’t the participants who showed up that day make it abundantly clear that there is no place for a Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga?

There is no dispute, and there is nothing to “resolve”. Why are we being asked to participate in this farce?


Please let Avis Ridley-Thomas know your thoughts. (213) 485-0390 or email mediate@lacity.org

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  1. The groups that are in favor of HD in S-T are called the “Downtown Glendale Merchants Assoc”, the “Glendale Chamber of Commerce”, “Burbank Chamber of Commerce” . . . I expect they will be sending Avis a nice gift basket or something for all she’s doing for them.

  2. The shamefull tactics continue. The fact that this supposed “neutral” party is pushing lies is further testimony. When is the city attorney going to do like he said to city council and “vigorously defend the council’s action”. This is nonsense.

  3. Elaine Brown

     /  Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    I am MAD as HELL and I won’t take it any more!

    Please everyone get on the phone or the computer and let it rip. This is all about wearing us down and testing our will, persistence, our capacity for patience and pain, our determination, enthusiasm, stubborness, energy or whatever you want to call it; it is time for this City to understand we get those traits from the anger and disgust that their time-wasting, back-door, dissembling, condescending, disingenuous, intimidating and stalling tactics generate in us. What they do not fathom is that, together, we have the power to convert that anger and disgust into action.

    So, Take Action, Now, Please!
    Elaine Brown
    aka Diogenes

  4. Look’s like ( follow the money again) .

  5. carol T.

     /  Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    I noticed they conveniently left out a stake holder group in the name of APPERSON STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL that would obviously need representation .

    I’m sorry, but the people responsible for putting that summary of the DResolution Day and form letter together are about as ass backwards as you can get. I’d go so far as to submit it to Jay Leno to be read on the Tonite Show as the most embarrassing thing in print by a major city department.

    There must be a method to such madness that has worked in the PAST but clearly it will not work HERE in S-T.

  6. John Ciasulli

     /  Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    I didn’t see or hear one bit of support for HD at the “mediation”. I don’t know anyone from this area that thinks this is a good idea. How dare Avis say a “majority” of participants wanted more of this. I was there. The “majority” of the participants saw this farce for exactly what it was. I didn’t hear one, not one person say they would like to do this again. Looks to me like Avis is clearly playing up the Home Depot’s side. And flat out lying to do it. If she has a conscience and was at all informed on what this is all about, she would know that what she is attempting to do is WRONG. I wonder how she will feel if she succeeds in getting them in, and some heartbroken mother explains to her that her little girl has been killed by a truck trying to get out of their parking lot. How proud of her efforts I’m sure she’ll be.
    John Ciasulli, Tujunga

  7. Elektra K.

     /  Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    I was not personally aware of anyone in favor of Home Depot at the Dialogue. I have personally only met one person at a SHPOA meeting in favor of Home Depot and know one resident in Shadow Hills in favor of Home Depot. Everyone I have spoken to considered the Dialogue a farce if, for no other reason, everyone there who was not a facillitator or employee of CP was “preaching to the choir”. Where is the promised Dialogue file. If there were a significant element in favor of the proposed Sunland Home Depot, then why are they so reluctant to release the file?

  8. carol T.

     /  Thursday, July 17, 2008

    How about providing the video tape of the angry and collective responses AGAINST the COMPANY OF HOME DEPOT coming anywhere near Woodward and Foothills Blvd. ??

    That would be a fast and concise response to their inside out backward summary.

    The favor of HD was to keep them OUT !!

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