Second Update from Abby 7/16/08

Evening Update!

We heard back from the Dispute Resolution Program office, about the copy of the file we’ve been waiting for. Just as I suspected. They will have it ready for us to pick up – guess when? Friday, July 18, at 3:00. Isn’t that lovely? Just the right time to make a quick run downtown. And oh yeah, that gives us plenty of time to look at it before Monday’s arbitrary deadline for community response.

The Council office informs me they’ve been notified that a copy is available for them on Friday afternoon, too.

I’d like to mention another point in relation to the letter from Avis. In the Stipulation to Stay the Litigation between Home Depot and the City Attorney, the wording about the Home Depot meeting with “community leaders”, (the reason we are in this mess in the first place), is pretty clear. Community Leaders. I don’t think 2 random Home Depot supporters qualify as Community Leaders. Just thought I’d mention that.

Our email in-box is full of letters you all have sent to Avis. We’re very pleased with the response to the Action Alert! BTW, Avis hasn’t responded at all to the question about completing an evaluation.

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