Update from Abby 7/05/08

Catching Up!

I know, I know! I haven’t posted here for a while. We’ve been busy, what can I say? There’s always something; if its not Home Depot taking up our time, its fund raising, or other community involvement. Mostly we’ve been having fun, but then there’s always Home Depot …

I’ll tell you about the Fun Stuff first!

In S-T, the July 4th Celebration is an all day affair! The STA parade float this year was designed to include our two most important efforts – The No Home Depot Campaign and Save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course. This was our fourth year in the parade, and as usual, we were greeted with lots of cheers and thumbs-ups from the people along the parade route!

It’s always a group effort to put this type of thing together. Many thanks to our volunteers who helped organize, decorate, march, and film the days fun, with a special thank you to Gary Knowlton, our local tree arborist, who donated the use of his big truck as our lead vehicle, and to Donna for bringing the bagels and cream cheese!

STA members handed out fliers along the parade route with information about the new Home Depot permit application and contact names to write a letter to City Planning (we’re always working to inform the community about what’s going on and how to participate). You can click here for the letter writing info.

Our community is truly united in the goal of having a livable neighborhood, and our float was the result of a coordinated effort with the Save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course Committee. The Golf Course Committee is comprised of many important neighborhood groups, and it’s the people in the organizations who give me a sense of connection to this place, and I’m proud to be a part of this town.

Am I being sappy? Feeling connected to a place and the people is important to me; I’ve set down roots here. This is our country’s time to celebrate! What better time to come together as a community?

After the parade, we went over to the High School for the Family Fireworks Festival! The STA was part of the planning group for this annual tradition, too. Our sincere thanks to Regina Clark for her time, and for representing us during the many organizing meetings with other groups and businesses. Our information booth was visited by a lot of people, so again, we were able to get the word out about the STA and the many activities we’re involved in. We had a great time, visiting with neighbors, enjoying the festival, the food, and the fireworks!

Our congratulations to “Mrs. T” for winning the Honorary Sheriff contest! But, they didn’t announce the raffle prize winners … ! I’ll try to find out more about that and let you know if you won a prize! Thanks to everyone who helped support the STA by attending our events, volunteering your time and purchasing vote tickets! We’d like to especially thank Earl and others at the Elks Club, Fran & Ray, Cindy Cleghorn, owner of C&M Printing, Regina, Sheri, Paula, Carol, and the Bluegrass Billionaires for their extra efforts in helping with our Vote for Joe campaign! It’s a great way to raise funds while having some local fun! We’ll have to sell more votes next time!

And Now, The Not So Much Fun Report

Remember the Sunland-Tujunga Dialogue? I know, it seems like ages ago. It was. April 26, to be exact.

On Monday, last week, Joe and I went downtown to view the files from that day at the City Attorney’s Dispute Resolution Program office. It was possibly the most disturbing experience I’ve had since becoming a volunteer involved in neighborhood activities. We were forced to wait almost half and hour before being subjected to an unusual search procedure, like criminals, because of unsubstantiated rumors about how vicious the No Home Depot Campaign is. The City Attorney’s office obviously fell hook, line, and sinker for Home Depot’s new smear tactics. It appears that the City’s public servants aren’t able to separate truth from fiction.

We didn’t find anything of much interest in the file, tho it took two months for Avis Ridley-Thomas, Director of the Dispute Resolution Program, to make the information available in response to our public document request.


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