Update From Abby 5/14/08

Before we get into the No Home Depot stuff, I have an exciting announcement!

Joe Barrett, our Fearless Leader, was honored last night by outgoing President of the STNC, Cindy Cleghorn. Joe received the President’s Award for his outstanding volunteer service to our community. Joe wasn’t able to attend the meeting, so I accepted the award on his behalf. We are so proud of Joe for all his hard work and dedication to our neighborhood. Remember, the STA is sponsoring Joe for Honorary Sheriff. We have raffle tickets for sale, and we’re planning a fun event real soon.

Here we go again! It’s All About No Home Depot All The Time!

Victor M. Castro, IV Chairman, Design Advisory Committee

Victor M. Castro, IV, Chairman, DAC

I think Monday night, May 12, will go down in Sunland-Tujunga history. Home Depot made their first ever formal presentation to the Design Advisory Committee of the Neighborhood Council. Chairman Vic Castro did a wonderful job of keeping everyone on track. The meeting did run for over 4 hours, but didn’t come anywhere near the intensity of the other famous meeting where I’m known to have “grilled” Mr. Keim of LADBS.

The DAC members all had great questions for the HD Team. And during public comment, the community proved how well informed and passionate we are about this ill-planned Project.

Highlights of the meeting included topics such as the DAC Presenters Statement that Home Depot refused to sign, their refusal to agreee to a voluntary EIR, the former Auto Repair area, and the proximity of the site to Apperson Elementary School. Home Depot and their representatives avoided taking any responsibility for the impacts their store will have on our neighborhood by constantly replying that the City will determine the level of environmental review and called our descriptions of well known Home Depot traffic patterns, “speculative”.

Recently, we have learned that the Chief Zoning Adminiistrator, Michael LoGrande is responsible for reviewing the environmental documents pertaining to the permit application. The permit application is currently suspended until Home Depot completes a series of environmental studies. These studies include a Traffic Study, including a physical traffic count, Air Quality Study, Noise Impact Study, Economic Study, and a Phase I Environmental Site Assesment. Phase I is a preliminary review of the property for potential contamination.

We’ve been asking people to write to various City departments to express your thoughts and concerns about the proposed Home Depot for the former Kmart site. Now we are asking you to address your letters to Mr. LoGrande, and send copies to the other departments. Also, send us a copy of your letters! We are compiling everything we receive and will include your letters in our formal STA statement to the City.

Here’s the address:

Michael LoGrande Chief Zoning Administrator, 200 N. Spring Street, Room 720, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Stay tuned! The Home Depot has been invited back for a second presentation to the DAC for the next meeting on June 2. (date changed due to Memorial Day)

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  1. I am so bummed! I will miss all the fun on the 2nd of June!

  2. carol T.

     /  Monday, June 2, 2008

    Good Luck Everyone !

    Wish I could be there to see the look on the HD Faces when y’all walk in the room !!!! Yippee, give em hell , in a gracious and respectful manner of course . smiles !!!

  3. Margaret Rice

     /  Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Home Depot located at the site of the old K-mart is NOT in the best interest of the community. Foothill Boulevard in that section is a narrow 4-lane road with sidewalks and parking along both sides. The area is lined with businesses. There is pedestrian traffic going to and from businesses and schools. Also there are a GREAT number of businesses that have been in existence for a long time (some for more than three decades) that would be adversely effected by this monster black hole!!!

    May I remind all the decision makers on this matter that these are very bad economic times and the arrival of Home Depot would RUIN a large number of small businesses. There are many local people who are employed by these small businesses in our community who would be thrown out of work. I have listed only a few small businesses below:

    Do-It Center
    Orchard Supply
    Anawalt Lumber
    Merithew’s True Value
    J R Builders
    ACE Hardware
    H&S Construction
    Advanced Flooring
    Beck’s Hardwood Floor
    Foothill Floors
    Glendale Carpet Center
    Greg Flooring
    Leonard’s Carpet & Linoleum
    MJB Flooring
    Mike’s Floor Co
    Trotta Floor Coverings
    Carpet Castle
    Carpet One
    Clark Floor Dovering
    Howe Floors
    H&S Flooring
    LB Wood Designs
    Lapre Builders
    H&S Cabinets
    Activ Plumbing
    Big Wood Construction
    Boyd Cole
    CTR Builders
    Caruso Construction
    Custom Carpentry
    Dean Snyder Construction
    Gingrich Construction
    Lauxen Construction
    Moore Brothers
    Prescott Construction
    SPM – Sterling’s Property Maintenance
    TBB Construction
    Telesis Development
    Bradley Concrete & Masonry
    Phillips Specialty Paving
    Foothill Painting
    Mclaughlin Drywall
    Barr Electric
    Bennett’s Electrical
    Craig’s Electric
    Crescenta-Canada Electric
    Electrix Company
    Jeremy’s Electric
    Jesse’s Handyman Service
    Riverland Electric
    Dr. J’s Masonry
    Padgett Masonry
    Corry & Jess Painting
    Foothill Painting
    Peterson Painting
    Pro-Master Painting
    Thomas Lee Painting
    Argo’s Custom Tile
    Crescenta-Canada Tile
    TKC Tile
    Tom Gonzales Tile
    Bilt-Well Roofing
    Crescenta Valley Roofing
    Foothill Roofing
    Nordic Roofing
    RJC Roofing
    Verdugo Hills Roofing
    Precision Garage Door Service
    AAA Advanced Electric
    Ariel’s Improvements
    Barr Electric
    Bennett’s Electrical
    Craig’s Electric
    Crescenta-Canada Electric
    Current Electric
    Electrix Company
    Jeremy’s Electric
    KA Electric
    KJ Electric
    Rafi’s Electric
    Riverland Electric

    The huge trucks delivering goods will spew diesel fumes, chunks of debris, dirt clods, and stones will fly off the trucks as they travel through town. The trucks will create noise, and increase hazards to other drivers on Foothill Boulevard.

    Along with obvious businesses involved in remodel and construction, there will also be an impact on interior designers as listed below:

    Jane Bade Interiors
    Designed with Joy
    Glenoaks Interiors
    JY Interiors
    Sheri Molder Designs

    Let’s also not forget the businesses that sell doors and windows, countertops and all other items needed in home remodel jobs. Home Depot is not the usual type of business in that it sells every type of item AND does installation of everything sold. We have already heard of the hundreds of complaints from homeowners who got shoddy workmanship on such jobs.

    Crowds of men who can be hired for peanuts that may not even understand enough English to carry on conversation hang around the property. These people urinate in inappropriate places. The site for this particular Home Depot is only blocks from residential properties, schools and parks. These congregating men could easily migrate into our community and create all manner of security risks and health hazards.

    This is a time of economic hardship for many in our nation. We need to take care of one another. This is a time when we need to make every dollar we spend count. I personally want the dollars I spend to stay in my neighborhood. We already have wonderful businesses in the Foothill communities that will not only sell us QUALITY merchandise, but will also provide excellent workmanship.

    I want to see this VERY BAD PROPOSAL get defeated once and for all. VOTE NO!!! Tell your representatives to vote NO to Home Depot.


    Margaret Rice
    Foothills Resident for 30+ years.

  4. Greets! Really amazing. Big ups!

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