Update from Abby 3/23/08

An Extraordinary Opportunity!


On Saturday, the Verdugo Hills Golf Course Committee had a rare opportunity to provide a guided tour of the Golf Course site with the actual person who is preparing the environmental documents for the City. City Planner, David Somers, made an impromptu request to tour the site and meet with committee members. I wasn’t able to attend, but those who did were thrilled to have the chance to point out key points and concerns. They discussed already approved projects that will affect traffic, historical relevance, and our vision for a Regional Park.

According to everyone’s reports, it was a very productive day!

If you want to know more about the Golf Course – be sure to attend the Crescenta Valley Town Council Meeting this coming Wednesday night. You can get all the info from the homepage of the STA website.

See you there!

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  1. It is a truly beautiful spot that is rich with our history. You should go check it out.

  2. Dee Dee

     /  Friday, March 28, 2008

    One of the last treasures of our area that must be preserved and saved for future generations. It has the history of the CCC camp that constructed all the fire roads in La Tuna Canyon as well as being a WWII detention center.

    Whatever happens on this site will affect the delicate balance in La Tuna Canyon. Don’t let our area be cemented in and lose the little charm that is left.

  3. Abby, the site tour was informational for David Somers and for those of us who joined him on the walk. Somers mentioned that it’s one thing to see plans on paper, it’s something else to see the property, to see the streets adjacent to the golf course funneling down to Honolulu Avenue, to view the open space and wide expanses of property.

    Rich Toyon shared with Somers a copy of what the VHGC property could become. Images have been added to the http://www.savethegolfcourse.org website, along with an explanation of what might be possible if the City of LA, County of LA, City of Glendale, and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy purchase the property.

    Contrast these plans to create an expanded regional, including the golf course and other forms of recreation, with the proposed development. Here are a few notations from the fact sheet provided in January at the EIR Scoping Meeting. :

    Proposed land use: 229 single-family detached two-story housing units
    1,800 to 2,700 square feet housing units
    2,800 to 3,200 square feet lots

    Private Roads/Gated Community:
    Entrance: 48 feet of pavement
    Streets A & B: 28 feet of pavement
    Streets C-N: 20 feet of pavement
    Since this would be a private community the streets would not have to be as wide as regular residential streets, which average about 34 feet in width. .

    Proposed density: 3.93 units per acre [229 units/58.32 acres]
    The fact sheet figure is based on the total acreage of the property. If you divide 229 units by the actual development footprint, which is 28 acres, the density in that area is actually 8.18 units per acre.

    Proposed parking:
    458 space (2 spaces per unit, covered)
    116 Guest Spaces (uncovered)

    Here is a view of the map that was provided at the scoping meeting.

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