Update from Abby 2/24/08


Monte Carlo Night was a blast!

I’ve never been to this fun event before – I’m not a gambler. But you don’t need to gamble to have fun there. I met up with Paula and her husband, Caryl. We got a kick out of seeing the big ol’ balloon with our Sunland-Tujunga Alliance name on it.

There was a huge turnout; lots of familiar faces and we made some new friends, too. We made sure we were introduced to the Chamber people, since they didn’t seem to know anything about our organization or who we are. Now they do! We’ll be making a presentation at the next Chamber of Commerce meeting in March to explain our goals and what we want to do in the community.

The food was really good, and there was plenty to go around. Every card table was full, and the place was hoppin’. This is an annual charity event, so don’t miss out next year.

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  1. We had a really good time at Monte Carlo night. Met some wonderful people. Thanks Guy and Carol Ann for being so gracious and letting us share our table to sit and eat! My husband, Caryl, played Craps all night and had fun. I mingled and took pictures. Unfortunately its a new camera and I don’t know how to use it yet.

    This was our first time too, and we will definately do it again. Thank you CofC and everyone else for a terrific event. Its great when the community can have fun together.

  2. What a blast! A night on the town, in our own town! It was great. Need more events like this to give our little town some weekend festivities! A movie theatre and a few good restaurants, added to what we have now, would be a great thing! Just a thought. But what a great event this was. Tony played Black Jack to his hearts content and I got to shop! Perfect!

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