Update from Abby 1/24/08

Saving the Verdugo Hills Golf Course!

The fight to save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course from development was on the Glendale City Council agenda this past Tuesday, January 22, 2008. The Save the Golf Course Committee has worked very hard over the past year to bring regional entities together to purchase the property. Council District 2, L A County, and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy have already signed on. Hopefully, the City of Glendale would join in…

So, how did it go at Glendale City Council?

It was a long night. We were supposed to be the first item for New Business. But they changed the order and we sat through 3, yes three, hours of public testimony and Council debate for a hot button topic. Sure, we were able to hang in and wait our turn. Long and contentious city government meetings are nothing new to this community! Many concerned Crescenta Valley and Sunland-Tujunga residents spoke in favor of saving the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, including yours truly. The Save the Golf Course Committee presented two very excellent posters – one showing trails, tennis courts and other activities for a proposed “Verdugo Hills Golf Course and Regional Park” and the other suggesting new routes for the Glendale Beeline bus service. A big shout out to Councilman Quintero for his strong support! Here’s the story from the Glendale News Press:


For more info:


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  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Thanks for representing!

  2. I agree, Abby, the January 22 city council meeting was quite an experience. I think the council completed the VHGC debate and vote around 12:15am. As you noted the community input was important. It also did not include much repetition from comments addressed at the January 15 city council meeting.

    The Glendale City Council was right on target regarding the comment letter for the Environmental Impact Report. Not only did they vote to send a letter, each of the council members contributed additional points that should be added to the draft letter that was prepared by staff members. The council members understand the importance of the Environmental Impact Report, and realize that many of their constituents in the Glendale annex will be impacted by the proposed 229 unit housing development, as well as the loss of recreational space.

    Rich’s presentation, which we will be added to the http://www.savethegolfcourse.org website, pointed out that this is not just about saving an affordable 3-par golf course, it’s also about preserving the other recreational options that could be developed on the expanded property. The VHGC could become a regional park, enhancing not only our local communities but providing recreation for a broader community as well.

    By the way, thank all of you with the Sunland-Tujunga Alliance for going to bat for the VHGC property. It is very much appreciated.

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